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Matters of the Heart

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by Deborah Collins
Forward by Thelma Wells

A 31 day devotional with journal that speaks to your heart...

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“Thanks for taking the time to share these important spiritual truths. I'm encouraged in a fresh way.”

“What a beautiful clear presentation of the gospel message. You made it so clear that he who has the Son of G-D has life. He who does not have the Son of G-D does not have the life.”

“This vitamin was meant for me. I am so blessed to have received this beautiful message.”

“Just read the devotional and it really touched me, it pointed out to me that when you trust and call out to him, He will come. It really spoke to my heart!!!!”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the spiritual vitamin (devotional). What a gift you have in communicating G-D's truths.”

“Loved the SV!!!! Now I understand what being a “Christian” is really supposed to mean. We should have Christ’s love in our hearts. If we love before any other emotion, everything we do will be Christ like.”

“What a way to start off your morning with this wonderful inspiration!”

“Wow! This vitamin struck home and gave me insight…”

“You’re devotionals are so touching hearts.”

“The Spiritual Vitamin devotional is such a blessing to me. The timing is always truly directed by G-D. I often feel as though it were personally written for me. It helps me remember what is important and true.”

“I love sharing your devotional with my Bible Study group!”

“I have met very few people who understand matters of the heart as Deborah Collins does. Her spiritual vitamins have helped me know my own heart, but more importantly, they have helped me know G-D’s heart. Each devotional seems like it is written just for me. Each daily prayer is a powerful tool that opens my heart to the Lord and increases my joy on my journey of faith.”


Hebrews 10:25