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Beauty and the Presence is an stirring and inspirational allegory about Christ redeeming His Bride. It is about a little girl named Beauty who grows up and falls away from all that she knows to be good and true. This of course, opens the door for The Vile One to lead her astray, and torment her with feelings of insecurity, fear and worthlessness. But, it doesn’t end there, as the Eternal Presence in Beauty’s life will never leave her nor forsake her!

The story is infused with Biblical truth and is told like a modern day fairytale for a contemporary woman. Readers will discover that beauty beckons the little girl in every woman to trust and seek her Heavenly Father, and know that she is not only deeply loved, but that she is destined for greatness. In this self-help, get ahead, do-it-yourself world, this book unfolds the peace and power of total surrender to the Eternal Presence who pursues us relentlessly. The worst decisions we can make in our lives aren't bad enough for God to walk away from us. No matter how far we push Him away, He is ready at a moment’s notice to redeem us. Recommended reading age: Females 15 to 155 years old!

“God places dreams and desires in our hearts then gives us a vivid imagination to help make them come true,” states the author. “As we grow into adulthood, dreams can quickly fade away but the desires remain. The harsh reality of life then opens the door for disappointment and heartache to creep in and lead us down a path of lies and deception. No matter how far we stray from God, He's always there, waiting to redeem us, be our Hero, and make our dreams come true.” Deborah Collins


Deborah Collins is a gifted writer, speaker and seasoned Bible teacher. She lives in the Dallas area, has two adult children and four adorable grandchildren, who affectionately call her “GiGi”.


Young Beauty is the creative force in her family, dreaming up imaginary worlds and kingdoms, where she is a princess and a warrior defending her home and family. Like so many, Beauty’s childhood dreams and imaginary kingdoms disappear as she grows into adulthood. Her life suddenly takes a turn for the worse when tragedy strikes her family. Overwhelmed with grief, she finds temporary solace in work, men, and material things, but longs for the peace and love she had as a child. Facing real life obstacles, loss and loneliness, Beauty falls further into despair. Seeing an opportunity, The Vile One tightens his evil clutches around her, enticing her to end it all.

Will there be anyone to rescue Beauty and restore in her a sense of hope and purpose? Only the eternal Presence, who has faithfully pursued her since childhood, knows and can provide the answer.

A compelling story of redemption, Beauty and the Presence is the first novel in the Beauty series. It embodies a well-written, allegorical depiction of biblical truth, infusing scriptural stories with fairy-tale elements. The result is a captivating story that celebrates the faithful love and unlimited power of God.

Maybe Beauty’s childhood fantasies weren’t so imaginary after all!


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  The Hummingbird Story

As busy women, we have a lot in common with the Hummingbird. We are always on the go, and as God's beautiful creation, we are multi-colored and multi-faceted. Just as the Hummingbird needs to feed on the sweet nectar of a flower at least fifty times a day in order to survive, as busy women we need to feed on the sweet nectar of God's word every day in order to thrive!

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